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How To Write An Excellent Personal Statement


How To Write An Excellent Personal Statement: The Book

It’s no secret that writing a personal statement is an exercise in self-promotion. While singing your own praises may not be your forte, you are going to need to write one if you want to bag yourself a spot on the course you’ve been dreaming about. And if you’re going to write it, it may as well be great, right?

How To Write An Excellent Personal Statement’ will allow you to more easily navigate the often gruelling process of putting your thoughts on paper in order to impress the admissions tutor of your desired university.

So, use this as an opportunity to showcase your best self. We are confident that if you follow our steps, you’ll be on your way to success.

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How To Write An Excellent Personal Statement




1. Research

Lay a foundation of knowledge and insights to help provide context for your writing.

2. Requirements

Learn the importance of adhering to your desired university's requirements and guidelines.

3. Narrative

Craft a compelling storyline and narrative to impress the admissions tutor. 

4. Structure I

Make an excellent impression with your first and second paragraphs.

5. Structure II

Communicate effectively by conveying your skills and experiences with flair.

6. Reflections

Describe your experiences to demonstrate reflection and personal growth.

7. Coherence

Ensure that your logic, flow and coherence are maintained throughout your writing.

8. Feedback

Improve and refine your writing by seeking advice and feedback from others.

9. Diligence

Perfect your writing by paying attention to the finer details.

10. Completion

Submit your personal statement with confidence and look forward to a positive outcome.

Harness your potential

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